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When a disaster strikes, we have to act fast to save children’s lives. Our Emergency Fund means that we can. In the toughest circumstances and in forgotten corners of the world, this special reserve of money has saved thousands of lives.

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Patrick*, child separated from his mother in conflict.

Patrick, 9 years old, was separated from his mother after violence broke out in South Sudan.

We know that a new emergency could strike at any time, anywhere in the world.

When it does, children are likely to be hardest hit. With your support, we can be ready to send life-saving food, shelter and medicines straight to where they are most urgently needed.

We've responding to emergencies for more than 90 years.

Right now, our Emergency Fund is more vital than ever.

How your donation will help children

We've been supporting families in South Sudan since the crisis began in 2014. In Syria and Iraq, we’re doing everything we can to reach children whose lives have been destroyed by war. In Nepal, we’re helping families rebuild after a devastating earthquake.

And these are just emergencies that make the news – many don’t.

For the children caught up in these forgotten crises, the impact can be devastating. But our Emergency Fund means that we can respond to disasters not covered by the media – and let the world know what’s happening.

Overall, in 2015, we helped 2.6 million children through our emergency responses.

Jovica’s story

Three-year-old Jovica stands outside his flooded home.

Three-year-old Jovica stands outside his flooded home.

When heavy rain hit Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, it caused flooding and triggered landslides across the region.

Three-year-old Jovica’s home was submerged within minutes. His family had to salvage what they could and retreat to higher ground.

Thanks to Save the Children’s Emergency Fund, we were able to send rescue equipment, clean-up materials and hygiene kits to communities like Jovica’s.


Support our Emergency Fund:


Or call 0800 8148 148 to donate by phone

Names changed to protect identity.