Nigeria Food Crisis: Act now to save lives

A baby being treated at Save the Children's stabilisation centre in Nigeria

A baby being treated at our stabilisation centre in Nigeria

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What's happening?

North-east Nigeria stands on the brink of famine. Hundreds of thousands of children could starve - unless the world acts immediately.

Children are paying the heaviest price for seven years of brutal war, which has intensified in the past few months.

It's predicted that unless the response is stepped up right now, 400,000 children are at imminent risk of starvation and 200 children a day will die.

Our CEO Kevin Watkins, who recently visited the region, said:

"Some of the mothers who I spoke to had walked for two weeks to get their children treated at Save the Children's clinic.

"There's still an opportunity to prevent a full blown famine - but that window is closing fast. Failure to act would be indefensible and unforgivable."

How we're helping children in Nigeria:

  • We’re providing severely malnourished children with expert treatment at our specialist health centres.
  • We’re helping children get clean water and improving sanitation by building latrines and conducting hygiene awareness sessions, especially for families who have been forced from their homes.
  • We’ve also given emotional support to 20,000 children at kids' clubs to help them come to terms with their traumatic experiences.

Rakiya and Saliha's story


Insurgents burned down Rakiya's* house. Her husband was killed, but she managed to escape with her two children.

Rakiya's eldest child, who was two years old, died from measles. Now she's brought her 20-month-old daughter, Saliha*, to our stabilisation centre in Borno, north-east Nigeria.

Saliah was visibly malnourished – thin, distressed and unwell – when she arrived.

Doctors at our centre are treating her, and are hopeful that she will recover.

Rakiya says that all she wants is for Saliha to be well.


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*Names changed to protect identities.

Updated: April 2017.