East Africa Food Crisis Appeal: Ethiopia

A health worker checks a chidl for malnutrition in Ethiopia
A health worker measures a baby's arm circumference in a health post in Dubti district of Afar, Ethiopia, 2016.

What we're doing

We’re a leading aid agency in Ethiopia and have the expertise and experience needed to save children’s lives.

Our teams are working across the regions of Afar, Oromia, Somali and SNNPR.

With your help we can do so much more

We aim to reach 1.12 million people by the end of the year, including 784,000 children. Our work will include:

Scaling up our nutrition response

We're supporting emergency nutrition responses in 61 districts. Our teams are treating malnourished children and enrolling women who are pregnant or breastfeeding into supplementary feeding programmes.

£10,800 could fund one of our stabilisation centres for six months, providing urgent care for dangerously malnourished children.

Deploying mobile health teams

Our skilled mobile health and nutrition teams are supporting 65 case treatment centres and health centres by providing medical supplies, specialist healthcare support and clean water.

£10,000 could fund an outpatient therapeutic treatment kit. This would equip a mobile team to support six rural health centres with equipment and special high-nutrient food for treating malnourished children, like those we helped at Dubit health post last year (see below).

A child receives high nutrient food in Ethiopia

Preventing the spread of disease

With acute watery diarrhoea spreading at a worrying rate, we have provided hygiene messages to more than 69,000 people in a bid to try and limit the spread of disease, as well as equipping 15 cholera treatment centres with water sanitation and hygiene facilities.

£3,987.00 could pay for a cholera treatment kit to improve hygiene, provide sanitation and prevent the disease from spreading.

This is just the start of our ambition

We'll stay in Ethiopia for as long as we're needed. With you help, we aim to save lives now and to help people rebuild their lives for the future.

That's why we're aiming to raise £40.9 million over the next year.

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Updated: March 2017.