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A child refugee at Kara Tepe camp in Greece
A child refugee from Syria, at Kara Tepe camp in Greece.

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Millions of children around the world have been forced from their homes.

Some have made the perilous trip across the Mediterranean in search of safety in Europe. Millions of others live in areas surrounding their home countries where food is scarce and access to education is limited.

But having fled violence, persecution and insecurity, child refugees face new threats every day.

Many are now stranded across Europe, sleeping rough and struggling to stay warm and healthy without proper shelter.

They and their families face an awful choice: stay where they are and risk poverty, illness or exploitation, or continue further along dangerous routes in search of safety.

Without help or protection, many children have simply no hope rebuilding their futures.

But our teams are on the ground across Europe and the Middle East, working around the clock to help keep children safe and healthy.

What we're doing

We work with child refugees around the world, from Lebanon to Jordan, Greece to Finland.

  • We keep children warm by providing warm clothes, blankets and fuel for heating.
  • We distribute food, water, blankets and tents to refugee families who have lost everything.
  • We make sure that children get vital medical care.
  • We reunite lone children with their families and keep them safe from trafficking and exploitation.
  • We provide emotional support.
  • We set up safe spaces where children can play and mothers can breastfeed.
  • We help children get back to into education.

Malak's story

Malak has been treated for frostbite


Malak's hands are bandaged because she has frostbite.

She and her family travelled for days in temperatures nearing -10°C on their journey to Belgrade in Serbia.

Up to 1,800 refugees and migrants are currently sleeping rough in abandoned buildings near Belgrade's main train station. They have no beds, heating, water or toilets. And hundreds of children arrive alone with no one to protect them.

At our 24/7 drop-in centre in Belgrade, we offer life-saving assistance to new arrivals. We have a safe space for young people, and our mobile teams reach out to children who are sleeping rough and help them get the support they need.

Across Europe and the Middle East, children like Malak urgently need hot food, winter clothes and protection from the cold.

Donate now to help child refugees:

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Or call 0800 8148 148 to donate by phone.


Names changed to protect identities.
Last updated: February 2017.