66 Cities Campaign: Help us end hunger - represent your city!

Extreme hunger like we've seen in East Africa over the last year is preventable. There's no reason for it to exist in today's world. We want to recruit a movement of change that takes that message to the heart of our democracy. Will you represent your city in our 66 Cities campaign? Sign up now!

What is the #66cities campaign?

We need to make sure a crisis like the one in East Africa never happens again. That's why we, along with 26 other charities, have developed the Charter to End Extreme Hunger.

It lists achievable steps world governments can take to end extreme hunger in our world.  

We now need our government to take a lead and sign the charter.

  • We've got a petition to Prime Minister David Cameron urging him to do just that: you can sign it here
  • Please send the petition on to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers using this link bit.ly/savehungerwb along with the hashtag #66cities

We also need to take our message to every minister and MP at Westminster.

That's why we want to recruit you to represent your city as a 66 Cities champion. Don't worry if you don't live in a city, you can opt to be a champion for your nearest one.


What will #66cities champions do?

  • You'll lead the campaign in your area
  • You'll lobby your MPs to raise the issue with ministers ask them to table a question at Prime Minister's Questions.
  • You'll spread the message to the public at large through blogs and social media using our hastag #66Cities


Interested? Sign up now

Just fill in your details on this form and we'll be in touch.


See who's taking part

Our map displays all our #66 Cities champions and what they're up to:

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